Get more foot traffic

Win new customers. Delight daily fans.
Artie guides them to your door.

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Reality made easy

Our easy-to-use web portal helps your business harness the power of augmented reality. Fully customize promotions, events, and campaigns in minutes. No experience required.

Be where it counts

Impress customers who are most likely to walk in your door. Select locations on our interactive map to reach them on-the-go and gain the confidence to break free from delivery.

Delight your customers

Bring your products to life and enhance your brand’s value. Like a magnet Artie guides real customers to your real location. And our data-driven tools are built to help you grow.

Partner with artie today

We are actively partnering with Toronto restaurants, brands, and events for a buzzworthy summer launch. To learn more about what Artie can do for your business, request a demo with our team today.

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